Extron introduces XPA Ultra line of amplifiers

Extron has introduced the XPA Ultra line of power amplifiers, all models run cooler than other Class D amplifiers, extending component life and eliminating the need for ventilation rack space.

The XPA Ultra lineup includes an improved fast wake up from standby to ensure the beginning of audio is not cut off.

An Everlast power supply, professional grade signal-to-noise ratio, inrush current, and CDRS - Class D Ripple Supression, are also part of the Extron technology found inside every XPA Ultra amplifier.

These ENERGY STAR qualified amplifiers deliver 35 watts or 100 watts per channel into 8 and 4 ohms or 70 volt systems.

The XPA Ultra lineup of UL 2043 plenum rated amplifiers include single and side by side rack mount hardware and a newly designed rear panel that eases installation of the optional Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit.

Recessed, detented level controls with laser etched markings provide enhanced visibility and repeatability of settings.

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