Extron introduces XPA Ultra FX configurable output amplifiers

Extron has introduced the XPA Ultra FX series, eight and four channel multi-zone audio power amplifiers.

A single unit can be set up in a variety of configurations to support large systems with multiple speaker types. These amplifiers can simultaneously drive 8 Ohm, 4 Ohm, 70 Volt, and 100 Volt loads and are configurable per channel.

Each channel of an adjacent pair draws power from the pair's total wattage, delivering power where it's needed according to system requirements. XPA Ultra FX amplifiers feature Extron InstaWake+ technology, offering the ability to return to full power from standby in under 5 milliseconds. This ensures no part of the audio is ever cut off. The fan-cooled enclosure can be part of a high-tech aesthetic or hidden away in a rack, without requiring adjacent empty space for ventilation.

Casey Hall, chief marketing officer for Extron, said: “Our XPA Ultra amplifiers quickly became industry favourites, so it was natural that we expand the line into higher power models" says The XPA Ultra FX series also brings considerable flexibility, with the ability to drive multiple speaker loads at just the right amount of power per channel. We're confident that these multi-zone amplifiers will earn a strong place in system designs.”

Offering 200 Watts per channel, the XPA U 2008 FX eight channel amplifier and XPA U 2004 FX four channel amplifier are solutions for any multi-zone application requiring mixed speaker impedances and power levels.

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