Extron introduces WC Pro workspace automation controllers

Extron has released its WC Pro 150 OCS and WC Pro 160 workspace automation controllers, designed to add display control and automation to workspaces of varying sizes.

The automation controllers will automatically power on a display via CEC when a person enters a room and turn it off at the end of the meeting when no motion is detected. Using a built-in web page, users can configure automatic display control over Ethernet, RS-232 or IR.

A LinkLicense can added for the WC Pro Control processor and expand control capabilities to multiple displays and defices, providing access to the full line of TouchLink Pro touchpanels and network button panels to support projects that require a user interface.

When LinkLicense is applied, LinkLicense for user interfaces can also be applied, adding a way for users to harness mobile devices or computers as primary control interfaces.

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