Extron introduces FOX RS 104

Extron Electronics has introduced the FOX RS 104, a four port RS-232 inserter for long-haul transmission of control signals to remote source and destination equipment over fibre optic cabling.

Each port provides a bi-directional fibre optic connection to an Extron FOX Series transmitter and receiver for the insertion and extraction of control data, while maintaining a continuous pass-through link for video and audio.

The FOX RS 104 is suitable for use in applications with a centralised control system that require the long-haul transmission of AV and control signals over fibre optic cabling.

RS-232 data from the Ethernet port is inserted onto one or more of the fibre optic outputs, providing remote monitoring and control.

Output reclocking on the inserter’s buffered fibre optic outputs sends the fibre optic signal at its original power level. It maintains the performance of optical signal transmission while providing bi-directional control from a control processor.

The FOX RS 104 is available in multimode and singlemode models and is compatible with the line of FOX Series extenders, distribution amplifiers, switchers, and matrix switchers.

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