Extron introduces Ethernet connected AV control

Extron has announced its NBP series network button panels.

The NBP series consist of six products: the NBP 100 and NBP 200, which two and three-gang network button panels respectively with field-labelable, dual-colored backlit buttons and a control knob with LED indicators for controlling various functions.

The NBP 105 D, NBP 106 D, NBP 108 D, and NBP 110 D come in single gang form factors.

The network button panels connect to a control processor using standard Ethernet, working in conjunction with an IP link pro control processor, HC403 or HC404.

This allows the system to manage to display, the on/off process, input switching and volume control amongst other features.

The buttons can be customised using Extron button label generator software or by using the online custom button builder application.

The NBP series network button panels also offer power over Ethernet, allowing them to receive power and communication over a single Ethernet cable.  

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