Extron introduces EBP 108 RAAP rack mount eBUS panel

Extron has introduced the EBP 108 RAAP rack mount eBUS button panel. It is a fully-customisable AV system control interface designed for use with Extron eBUS-enabled control systems.

The control panel connects to an IPCP Pro control processor to perform AV system functions such as power On/Off, input switching, volume control, and more.

The EBP 108 RAAP features 8 dual-coloured backlit buttons for operation in low-light environments and a volume control knob for precise volume adjustments.

Four eBUS ports are available for easy system expansion. eBUS button panels are linked to a control processor and to each other using a single cable that carries both power and communication. The EBP 108 RAAP has openings for up to four single-space or two double-space AAP - Architectural Adapter Plates.

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