Extron introduces collaboration system with EU and MK wallplate transmitters

Extron has introduced the HC 403 EU and HC 403 MK meeting space collaboration systems. They combine video switching, scaling, signal extension, and system control into a transmitter and receiver pair.

The HC 403 EU and HC 403 MK feature one HDMI and one VGA input at the transmitter, and one HDMI input at the receiver.

Built-in control capabilities facilitate automatic source switching, display control, and integration with occupancy sensors. HC 403 systems work with GlobalViewer Enterprise, providing a networked AV system management solution to monitor and support collaboration spaces throughout an organisation.

Designed for professional integration, HC 403 EU and HC 403 MK transmitters fit in standard two-gang EU-type and MK-type electrical junction boxes, while the low profile receiver enclosure is suitable for discreet placement in lecterns, beneath tables, or behind video monitors.

Wireless collaboration may be added with a ShareLink gateway.

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