Extron introduces Cable Cubby Enclosures for TouchLink Installations

Extron Electronics has released two Cable Cubby models with the same dimensions as its TouchLink TLP 350CV and TLP 710CV touchpanels.

The Extron TLE 350 and TLE 710 are furniture-mountable metal housings for AV, data, and power connections.

When not being used, cables can be stored out of sight and remain connected to the system. The TLE 350 offers nine AAP openings and the TLE 710 offers eleven.

These openings can be populated with a combination of Extron AAP modules and Extron Retractors. Both can be mounted into a tabletop, lectern, or other flat surface and are available in black anodised or brushed aluminium finishes. AC power modules are available for the US, Europe, and other major world markets.

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