Extron introduces Cable Cubby 202

Extron Electronics has introduced the Cable Cubby 202. This addition to the Cable Cubby Series provides cable access enclosures for AV connectivity and AC power. The Cable Cubby 202 is equipped with one fixed, unswitched AC outlet and different versions of the product are available for the US and the Europe markets.

The US model also includes an opening for one MAAP - Mini Architectural Adapter Plate, such as a momentary switch or USB pass-through connector. The enclosure's tilt-up lid is held open by a small magnetic catch, facilitating the use of the Cable Cubby 202 in both horizontal and vertical mounting orientations.

A removable pass-through bracket accommodates up to four AV cables. This allows cables to be installed or serviced from the top of the enclosure after it has been installed in the furniture surface. A hidden, integrated clamp system ensures that the product can be secured firmly with common hand tools.

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