Extron introduces 8K USB-C video optical cables

Extron introduced the USBC Pro 8K series of active, hybrid optical-copper USB-C cables that transmit 8K/30 DisplayPort AV, USB 2.0 data, and power signals simultaneously up to 9.1m.

They are suitable for USB-C-enabled devices that support video and audio over four DisplayPort lanes.

The cables support power delivery of up to 60 watts and can draw power from either connected USB device. The ultra-flexible, 6.5 mm-thin diameter and narrow bend radius cable construction are designed to enable easy installation in tight spaces. The USBC Pro 8K series is available in popular lengths from 3.6m up to 9.1m.

They use glass, multimode optical fibre to transmit 8K/30 DisplayPort video and embedded audio signals. All other non-bandwidth intensive or low-speed signals are carried on the integrated copper wires, including EDID, HDCP, and power. The cable circuitry draws minimal power which it receives from either the USB host or peripheral device.

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