Extron debuts videowall control mobile app

Extron has announced the launch of its Express Mobile software Quantum Ultra, providing users with control of a Quantum Ultra or Quantum Ultra Connect videowall system from devices running on iOS or Android platforms.

The software is operated via finger gestures such as drag and drop, swipe and tap, with capabilities including pre-set selection, window size and layer and source selection. 

Up to 10 users can control one or more videowalls, with the software operating as a standalone or working in tandem with Extron’s videowall configuration software -VCS and a control system. 

The software can be used in various control scenarios, acting as a single point of control for one or more videowalls and can also be used as a multi-point control system, with up to 10 mobile devices capable of operating the video walls. 

Additionally, the system can be used as a point of control in conjunction with Extron’s VCS and a control system. 

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