Extron debuts DTP3 series transmitter/receiver pair

Extron has launched its DTP3 series, a 4K/60 HDMI product series comprised of the DTP3 T 202 transmitter and DTP3 R 201 receiver, providing signal extension of HDMI and bidirectional RS-232 signals up to 100 metres over Extron’s XTP DTP 22 shielded twisted pair cable.

The extenders support video resolutions up to 4K/60 at 4:4:4 colour sampling, complying with HDCP 2.3.

The transmitter features an HDMI loop-through input to support a local monitor, with the receiver providing stereo audio de-embedding for integration.

The XTP DTP 22 shielded twisted pair cable is verified up to 500 MHz at distances of 100 metres.

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