Extron announces XTP Systems software update

Extron has released an update for its XTP system configuration software for XTP systems, including XTP WindoWall to bring videowall capabilities to XTP.

The configuration software works with XTP scaling receivers to enable a mix of full screen and image magnification across multiple displays. 

WindoWall can support multiple canvases and includes pre-set capabilities, with the software release adding video bit depth selection for a variety of XTP transmitters and receivers. 

XTP systems allow for integrated switching and distribution system for multiple digital and analogue formats, supporting local connectivity as well as transmission capability for sending video in resolutions up to and beyond 4K/60 @ 4:4:4, audio, RS-232/IR and Ethernet up to 100 metres over a shielded CATx cable and up to 10km over fibre optic cable. 

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