Extron adds XTP 4K twisted pair products

Extron Electronics has announced additional XTP 4K twisted pair products: the XTP T USW 103 4K three input switcher and XTP T HWP 101 4K transmitter.

The switch is suited to use beneath tables and within lecterns, while the transmitter provides options for wall mount applications. They are HDCP 2.2 compliant, and enable extension of 4K video up to 100m over one, shielded CATx cable. 

XTP T USW 103 4K switcher inputs support direct connection of HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and audio sources and it includes an HDMI input loop-through for a local monitor. Automatic switching between inputs with selectable prioritisation is designed to simplify operation in unmanaged locations. The one-gang form factor of the XTP T HWP 101 4K decorator-style wallplate transmitter aids installation in wall mount, floor box, and furniture mount applications. Set up and commissioning is carried out with Extron XTP system configuration software.

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