Extron adds two models to streaming media processor line

Extron Electronics has introduced two models to the SMP 351 Streaming Media Processor lineup. These models offer 400GB of internal solid state storage to accomodate more AV content.

All SMP 351 models feature five inputs, by combining two high resolution signals, a background image, and metadata into layouts that enhance a presentation's message. Extron's FlexOS embedded operating system makes the SMP 351 easily-adaptable to changing requirements.

Applications can be uploaded to FlexOS that empower the SMP 351 to automate system operation using control ports.

Requiring no license fees, the SMP 351 is a media processor for delivering presentations to larger audiences. It is suitable for any environment where AV sources can be streamed live or recorded, and where multiple AV sources are combined to enhance a presentation.

Organisations can use the SMP 351 to communicate with staff or students who cannot be present at an event. It can be adapted to many applications, documenting virtually any meeting, conference, or activity that uses AV sources.

The SMP 351 is suitable for use in corporate, education, government, healthcare, courtroom, house of worship, and rental and staging applications.

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