Extron 4K/60 multi-window processors with annotation now available

Extron has launched the MGP 641 xi multi-window processors for scaling and presenting up to four 4K/60 source signals on a single canvas.

Extron's Vector 4K scaling engine ensures downscaled and upscaled content is presented with image quality. In addition to four HDMI inputs that support data rates up to 18 Gbps, the HDCP 2.3-compliant processors include an HDMI background input for presenting live, non-scaled content behind the source windows.

The MGP 641 xi SDI model suports four 12G-SDI as well as four HDMI sources. An HDMI output accommodates a local display, while the DTP3 output drives a remote display located up to 330 feet (100 metres) away with identical content.

Users can annotate over live content thanks to an optional LinkLicense. Annotations can include free-hand drawing, shapes, lines, and pointer arrows, each in selectable colours.

The multi-window processors provide customisable window layouts, video and logo keying, window transition effects, as well as source and output rotation. Two-channel embedded audio can be extracted or passed to the video output. Providing enhanced content presentation with on-screen annotation and more, the MGP 641 xi processors are suitable for high-end environments and live events.

The MGP 641 xi is suitable for presenting multiple HDMI sources on a single display, and the MGP 641 xi SDI model includes four 12G-SDI inputs for additional system flexibility. Its scaling engine, rack-mountable form factor, and presentation and transition effects all combine to create a flexible signal processing systsme for corporate boardrooms, training rooms, and live environments such as public auditoriums. It is equally effective in mission-critical venues that require display of live information, from a situation room or control room to cascading multiple MGP 641 xi units in a command centre.

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