Exterity unveils 4K media player

Exterity has launched its AvediaStream m9605 media player, capable of integrating 4K video, 4K 60fps graphics and animations into digital signage via an Intel Core CPU, high solid state storage and a fan-less design.

The release of the AvediaStream m9605 Media Player coincides with a number of new features being added to ArtioSign, Exterity’s Digital Signage + IPTV in One application. The AvediaStream m9405 Media Player now provides the ability to play two full-HD video streams simultaneously in an ArtioSign landscape signage layout.

ArtioSign now also supports signage touch input on Samsung SSSP6, with users capable of selecting and playing from a video list, exiting video playback, adjusting volume settings, seeking forwards and backwards through video and pausing/restarting video. 

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