Exterity to show IP video and digital signage products at Mediatech

IP video specialist Exterity will make its Mediatech Africa debut on July 17 to 19, 2019 at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg.

The company will show its portfolio of end-to-end IP video and digital signage products to the African marketplace. Its line-up includes enterprise-scale IPTV technology and digital signage systems. 

The products include:

• ArtioGuest– Hotel middleware portal offering a customisable interface that delivers a seamless and interactive experience for guests. Launched in 2018, ArtioGuest has already been deployed at hospitality venues across the Middle East and Asia Pacific region, including the Six Senses Zighy Bay resort. Recent enhancements to ArtioGuest include Video on Demand (VoD) support, recording, Google Chromecast support, TV source switching, multilanguage support and mailbox.

• ArtioSign– Software to create, manage and display HD digital signage. It integrates with Exterity's IP video systems to enable live TV and video to be incorporated into digital signage screens for branding, information, internal communications and visitor engagement.

• NDI support on AvediaStream Transcoders: The new built-in support for Network Device Interface (NDI), allows an distribution of production-quality video from an NDI live production environment to all screens in an Exterity IPTV system, and input of live TV streams into an NDI production environment.

• SRT support on AvediaStream Gateway: Exterity’s AvediaStream g4400 Gateway now has built-in support for SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), an open-source protocol that enables broadcasters and video streamers to securely deliver live streams across the internet without the need for dedicated delivery networks. 

• AvediaPlayer 4K Media Player: Exterity’s AvediaPlayer range of media players now includes the m9405 Media Player. Features include 4K Ultra HD video quality; 32GB storage; a cool, fanless design; and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

• Smart Control: Software app controls IP video system applications and end points, including non-Exterity devices. Smart Control enables day-to-day management of a mixed device IPTV system and brings the Control apps for ArtioSign and ArtioGuest into one place. Commands include the ability to control individual and groups of devices, such as turning devices on/off setting volume/mute/unmute, changing channels, and publishing playlists and schedules to groups of screens.

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