Exterity to debut multiple input/output TVgateways at IBC 2014

Exterity has announced that it is to launch a new range of its AvediaStream TVgateways at IBC 2014, held in Amsterdam on 12-16 September.

The new TVgateways can ingest broadcast streams from eight multiplexers via eight tuners in one blade, saving rack space in server rooms, and reducing power consumption.
Exterity developed new TVgateways to support multiple input/output streams, effectively enabling broadcasters and pro-AV installers to use a single head-end to stream all content scalable volumes of end point receivers.

These next generation high-density octo-gateways can process up to eight multiplexes in a single blade from cable, terrestrial and satellite sources.

The new AvediaStream TVgateways include:
•    g4415 Satellite gateway: Dual DVB-S/S2 & Conditional Access Module (CAM) plus integration with Arris SecureMedia encryptor
•    g4445 Terrestrial and cable gateway: Quad DVB-T/T2/C/C2  2 CAMs To interoperate with leading encryption technologies for ingesting and streaming protected content.
•    g4448 Terrestrial and cable gateway: Dual RF inputs feeding eight DVB-T/T2/C/C2 tuners per blade for free-to-air TV and radio channel
•    g4418 Satellite gateway: Octal DVB-S/S2 supporting eight tuners per blade.


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