Exterity debuts new gateways and digital signage functions at NAB 2019

g4440-us Gateway

Exterity unveiled new gateway products and digital signage reporting capabilities at the show, unveiling the ATSC Gateway, g4401 Gateway as well as the ArtioInsight reporting app.

The ATSC Gateway, the AvediaStream g4440-us can capture live ATSC and Clear QAM TV as well as radio from over the air and cable sources, streaming them across an IP network. 
The AvediaStream g4440-us supports 4K and HEVC video streams and is designed for the US market and also features two tuners.  

The g44401 Gateway, the AvediaStream g4401 Gateway features SRT support, supporting the input of transport streams delivered by IPTV providers, enabling re-distribution over the LAN network.  

Two paired gateways can be used to deliver live video without a content delivery network, using SRT protocol for secure transport of video between remote sites for distribution to all screens in an Exterity system. 

The new ArtioInsight reporting app is a software app that allows users to report proof of play statistics for ArtioSign, providing information of the length of time certain images or videos are displayed over a selected period, providing analysis and reports on marketing and third-party advertising campaigns. 

ArtioInsight -  ArtioSign

ArtioInsight also enables TV channel and video on demand viewing statistics to be gathered.

Updates to ArtioSign are also included, including new interactive features to allow users to update signage screens using remote control, changing layouts to hide/show content instead of scheduling in advance. ArtioSign users can also manually assign a VoD asset or channel, with support for Prio:Idiom encrypted TV channels on hospitality TVs.