Explore digital audio with new tools

NTI has launched the new Digirator DR2, a reference grade signal generator for digital audio. The DR2 provides all common digital audio test signals, stereo- and multi-channel-formats.

The Digirator ideally complements the Digilyzer DL1 forming a compact and portable measurement set tailored for broadcast, studio and home cinema applications.

The Digirator DR2 generates a variety of digital audio signals, such as sine, sweep, chirp or noise with adjustable levels and frequencies. The synthesized test signals are generated up to 24-bit resolution and all standard sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz, thus also supporting next generation digital audio.

For coping with multi-channel audio applications, the DR2 is further equipped with a comprehensive set of surround sound signals in the Dolby D, E, Pro-Logic and DTS formats. Further user test signals may be stored as WAV-files in the internal memory and are seamlessly looped. Data exchange is simplified via the USB port.

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