Expandable switcher from Altinex

Altinex aims to simplify the installation of twisted pair matrix switchers with its MT107-500. The Universal twisted pair matrix switcher is claimed to be highly configurable and fits into a 4RU form factor.

A member of Altinex’ MultiTasker product line, the switcher can be factory configured in 49 possible arrangements, from 16x16 to 64x64. With support for video resolutions ranging from VGA through WSXGA (480p-1080p) plus audio, the MT107-500 employs shielded RJ45 connectors for low noise.

The MT107-500’s IO slots are designed only for TP (Twisted Pair) cards. As the location of the engine is fixed, the various I/O cards are installed on each side of the engine, based upon the desired matrix size. Should an AV system need to be expanded, the MT107-500 can be upgraded at the factory or by qualified Altinex dealers. All unused slots are covered by protective plates from the inside.

Control of the MT107-500 Universal Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher is maintained through the MultiTasker enclosure. It can be controlled via the RS-232 port, or by pre-programming the MultiTasker front panel.

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