EX 3 brings disguise video playback platform to fixed installations

Disguise has launched EX 3, a 4K video playback solution designed specifically for location-based experiences and fixed installations.

The EX 3 platform, which features genlock support, is suited to art shows, entertainment venues and office lobbies and includes disguise’s Designer software, newly-launched APIs, and the disguise Cloud collaboration toolkit.

Each EX 3 features three 4K video outputs suitable for both projection and LED displays and is designed to playback video with minimal latency. Additional EX 3 machines can be added and synced together to scale out the video playout.

Disguise APIs can be used to build additional applications on top of EX 3, allowing operators to customise workflows with tools to schedule content and monitor the health of the system.  

EX 3 users can sequence videos using Designer, then share them via disguise’s Previz app, which offers a preview in a 3D space. All project content will be stored and collated together in disguise Cloud.

Designer also allows content changes to be made on the fly and without the need to change infrastructure so that experiences can be evolved over time. The EX 3 can also be used alongside OmniCal, disguise’s camera-based projector calibration system, to align projectors. 

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