ETC launches luminaires and power controls for LED systems

ETC has unveiled two new product ranges, designed to work together: ArcSystem Navis, a range of LED luminaires as well as an F-Drive system with customisable output cards, combining together to create an LED system for a variety of spaces.

The Navis line of luminaires fixtures are available in a range of colour temperature options from 2700 K to 5000 K alongside an RGBW colour-mixing option. 
A 3000 K fade to warm variant is available as a warm light at lower intensity levels, with aesthetic changes able to be made with a range of magnetic trim plates, clip-in optical accessories and twist and click beam angle lenses. 

The Navis 100 features three wind-down clamps for ceiling thicknesses from 0.5mm to 20mm, with Navis 100 products able to be transformed into a surface cylinder or pendant system by sliding into hardware accessories. 

An optional wall wash accessory is also available, allowing the Navis 100 to provide a blanket of light for a wall or corridor application. 


The F-Drive LED power control is designed for use with ArcSystem Navis luminaires and third-party fixture applications, using category type cable with RJ45 connections. 
The F-Drive range can include both an R12 rack mount option and a W1 wall-mount option. 

The R12 option includes 12 slots for swappable output cards with four channels of power output each, with mix-and-match driver cards available that are compatible with a variety of LED fixtures such as constant current and constant voltage loads. 
The cards are hot-swappable, allowing changes to be made while maintaining power for the rest of the LED system. Power and data support is provided for up to 48 individually controllable Navis 100 luminaires. 

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