ETC debuts EchoTouch controller

ETC has debuted the EchoTouch controller, which offers advanced lighting controls like sequence programming and colour tuning from a 7in touchscreen.

EchoTouch is suitable for a range of environments, such as controlling lighting zones for general use, managing white-tuning, creating dramatic looks for restaurants and hotels, or creating a welcoming environment for museums, houses of worship, and more.

The graphics on the screen support customised layout and naming for any application.

The touchscreen interface provides three standby modes to conserve screen life: displaying a user-provided logo, dim, and off; and returns instantaneously to normal functionality with any user interaction.

Building managers can use EchoTouch to program Echo zones and preset looks, special sequences can be created via the interface with faders and buttons displayed on a 7-in screen.

The design is built to withstand daily use in high-traffic areas, and the black glass front is offered in four bezel colours: cream, grey, white and black.

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