Erard Pro launches furniture range for collaborative spaces

Erard Pro has launched Kameleo, a range of furniture for AV equipment in collaborative spaces.

Kamelo consists of two boxes: a top unit called TopBox for storage and a bottom
unit to hide electronic devices, or a control unit or codecs.

The range has four colours to choose from for the unit (textured white, smooth matt steel, textured titanium, textured carbon) and 12 fronts including wood, mineral or perforated metal.

A fanless natural convection in the bottom unit ensures ventilation. However, a ventilation kit is available in option.

With its removable front, the TopBox is a secure and useful storage unit for small devices such as Barco's ClickShare for example.

Kameleo can accommodate a screen up to 75-in or two 65-in screens. The classic Kameleo's screen mount includes a mounting bar for bottom VESA.

Erard Pro can also provide users with a screen mount for touchscreens.

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