Erard Pro launches Do-iT mounts

Erard Pro has launched a range of mounts for “ultra-slim screens”. The Do-iT range incorporates an integrated sprit level and secure anti-unhooking system.

Within the Do-iT range are FiXiT mounts. The installer fixes the white mounting to the wall using the built0in spirit level. It can then clip a black hanger, already screwed into the television, into the fixing.

Fixit 200 is for 19” – 32” LCD screens up to 30kg, Fixit 400 is for 30” to 50” up to 50kg and Fixit 600 handles 42” to 65” up to 70kg.

TiLTiT is designed on the same principles as FiXiT but implements an offset mechanism allowing it to be smoothly inclinable to 25°. The mount is compatible with 30” to 52” LCD/plasma screens and is tested up to 120kg.

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