Equipson launches Work Pro products to expand Arion line arrays

Equipson has expanded its Work Pro DSP powered Arion line array range with the launch of 10A and 5A products at ISE 2020.

Arion 10A is a single 10-in version of the Arion 21A that incorporates Work Pro’s internal DSP technology and amplifiers from Danish brand Pascal.  Arion 10A’s amplifier and DSP technology is concentrated in one box, which in turn supplies the powered audio signal to the following box. This means that only one dual channel amplifier is need for every two boxes. At the low frequency end of the spectrum, Arion 10A uses a SL218A subwoofer.

Equipson’s Arion 5A is a compact size line array system that offers an impressive power ratio of 1600W peak through its sub and 2400W peak through its tops. 

Arion 5A tops consist of two 5-in woofers, one 1.75-in voicecoil, a 2.2-in ring radiator and a 15-in sub that can be combined with 4, 6 (1 sub) and 8 or 12 (2 subs) top boxes. The sub used for this system is an SL115AS, which comes with a dual amp high power 2000W Pascal amplifier. When combined with Workpro’s internal networked DSP, the amplifier can supply a powered audio signal to the entire system and can be fully managed by ethernet.

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