Equipson launches acoustic simulator for its products

Equipson has created an acoustic simulator for its audio products to help AV installers calculate the number of loudspeakers and amplifiers required for optimum results.

The web-based tool makes its calculations by referencing a database of Equipson loudspeakers and amplifiers. Filters are provided so that installers can choose the product with the right characteristics for their project. Once a choice has been made, the installer enters the dimensions of the space and the software works out how many loudspeakers are needed. It will also identify which amplifiers should be chosen to meet the project's power requirements and it will tell the installer where best to position the loudspeakers within the space to achieve the best acoustic results.

Once the correct number and type of products have been identified, installers can also link the acoustic simulator results to their account to create a list of products needed. There is an option to download the simulator's results as a pdf file.

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