Epson keeps costs down with projector range

Epson has designed its new range of projectors, the EB-S10, EB-X10 and EB-W10, to provide businesses with affordable solutions.

The EB-S10 and EB-X10 are SVGA and XGA respectively. The WXGA EB-W10 displays everything that’s on a widescreen PC without needing any adjustments.

All three projectors incorporate Epson’s 3LCD technology and the EB-X10 and EB-W10 can also handle high definition input to take presentations to another level of clarity.

Weighing just 2.3kg, the projectors are light and compact and come with a carrying case for easy movement between different sites.

A quick-start feature removes the need for warm-up time and distortion can be fixed with vertical keystone correction, which is automatic on the EB-X10 and EB-W10.

A single USB cable combines both display and mouse control for PC and Mac and the EB-X10 and EB-W10 feature USB flash memory support.

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