Epson introduces interactive collaboration displays

Epson has unveiled its 5,000 lumen interactive collaboration displays, the EB-1480FI and EB-1485FI, capable of scaling the display size based on the usage environment.

The EB-1485FI features a multi-touch display of up to 100-in (16:9 standalone), up to 120-in (wide display – 16:6) or 155-in using Epson’s DuoLink feature which allows two Epson interactive displays to be combined as one display using edge blending. 

The display includes built-in connectivity options such as wireless and wired, with HDBaseT and HDMI out along with edge blending and a finger-touch unit.

The EB-1480FI is designed for education users that have Epson lamp displays, with the display capable of being used with legacy mounts alongside pre-installed finger-touch units, allowing users to upgrade Epson displays. 

Both models include a touch-enabled home screen with user collaboration tools that are compatible with Windows, Office 365 suite and iOS with the use of Office applications via PCs and tablets. 

Up to four video sources can be displayed simultaneously on one display, with the displays being compatible with the Epson iProjection app. 

Both displays can be used for up to 20,000 in normal mode, with 30,000 hours of operation in quiet mode. 

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