Emotion Systems to debut Eve media player and immersive mix module at IBC 2023

Emotion Systems will showcase its Eve media player for the first time in Europe and launch the immersive mix module for Engine at the show.

Eve (emotion verification engine) allows users to access detailed information on audio components, designed to solve verification challenges with features designed to aid media entertainment QC such as a native resolution video player, encoded audio playback, loudness meter, error timeline and metadata display.

Encoded surround sound such as Dolby E and Dolby Digital (Plus) are supported alongside video file extraction if multiple formats are included in the file. Eve can extract the formats, perform a loudness analysis and display discrepancies on separate bar graphs.

Multiple timelines are available for video, audio tracks and loudness measurements to enable Eve to perform an in-depth analysis. Pixel-accurate video can be viewed on a separate monitor instead of low-resolution proxies.

Audio errors are highlighted automatically in the error timeline and can be navigated via the next or previous error functions.

Immersive mix module

The immersive mix module, developed for Engine, enables conversion to and from immersive formats that require upmixing or downmixing.

The module independently generates height channels, with capability for creating various immersive formats up to 9.1.6.

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