EM Acoustics launches Halo-B array at ISE 2019

EM Acoustics launched its Halo-B line array system

The Halo-B is a two way reflex-loaded line array element featuring dual 8-in LF drivers and four 1-in HF drive units, being able to be employed as a stand-alone system for small to medium sized fixed installations and as a companion to the Halo-C system, with Halo-C acting as delay/fill.

A single Halo-B unit exhibits a flat, free-field frequency response from 65Hz to 20kHz (+/ 3 Db) and a phase response which is +/- 20 degrees between 150Hz and 18kHz.

This loading technique applied to the low frequency drivers maintains the dispersion pattern control down to 350Hz, with the ring-radiator compression drivers reducing the third harmonic distortion.

The Halo-B has a polyurethane coating and a steel three point flying system with quick release pins.

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