Elo app turns touchscreen kiosks into facial/mask detection and temperature checkpoints

Elo has announced that its Access app now offers temperature screening and mask detection.

Originally launched as a way to create, deploy and manage on premise access-control health questionnaires, the upgraded app now offers features including mask detection and automated temperature screening on Elo’s self-service kiosk.

It is designed to simplify visitor management enabling businesses to help protect employees, students, patients and guests in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, education and other public-interaction environments.

When combined with Elo’s Temperature Sensor Pro and portfolio of Android devices for business, Elo has developed an all-in-one system that enables resellers to help the businesses they support open quickly.

Using EloView, the Elo Access App can be deployed and managed remotely. The Premium App can be purchased as an annual subscription through distribution partners.

The App can be bundled with Elo’s 15-in Android touchscreen, Temperature Sensor Pro and choice of stand for a complete ready to go kiosk.

Elo develops and manufactures the full hardware and software package to ensure it’s purpose-built for integration and turnkey deployment.

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