Elite Screens debuts new screen materials for Designer Cut series

Designed for custom systems and DIY projects, Elite Screens has launched new screen materials for its Designer Cut range, with an array of acoustic transparent, ALR and matte white materials.

The Designer Cut series is a selection of pre-cut screen material swatches that are prepared for custom installations, designed to maintain a flat, wrinkle-free surface and designed to stretch over a standard or custom framework. 

Elite Screens has added ImpactWhite materials, an ISF certified materials range that includes both single layer and multi-layer structure, designed to withstand impact from sport simulations while providing longevity. 

The ImpactWhite range includes the ImpactWhite 1145, 360 and A4K models, designed to be paired with short and standard throw projectors. 

The A4K is a front projection material that has a knitted, smooth screen surface for colour neutrality and wide diffusion uniformity. 

The CineWhite A8K is a multi-layer projection screen material designed for 8K projectors and above, featuring a knit weave that reduces light loss and includes a bonded black-backing for improved black levels and colour reproductions while preventing light leakage. 

Standard sizes are available up to 135-in diagonal in HDTV 16:9 aspect ratio, with some materials such as ImpactWhite starting at three metres. 


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