Element One shows off VERSIS at ISE

Element One will present its VERSIS touchscreen monitor with built in computer at Integrated Systems Europe 2011.

It can be combined with Comm-Tec’s integrated AVIT Control media control system, formerly known as AVIT Element One, to create an easy to use system that does not require a separate PC.

This screen/PC/control-system-combination can be incorporated into any existing or planned media technology environment. Operating according to the plug-and-play principle, the system ensures convenience and efficiency through the simplicity of the way the AV terminal equipment is connected and the intuitive operation of the media technology in conference and seminar rooms.

AVIT Control is a software-based control system, which can be installed under licence on the PC integrated into the VERSIS. An IP bus device establishes the control connection between the VERSIS and the different media technology devices such as, for instance, DVD-player, amplifier, projector or projection-screen, etc. The AVIT control software is then configured using a graphical menu, with the result that all of the AV terminal devices can be operated directly via the user interface.

The bundle comprises the VERSIS touchscreen with PC, AVIT Control, bus device and software, enabling users to get started immediately on controlling a small conference room.

If the situation regarding the room, or the use of the system should change, the AVIT control system can be adapted or expanded, meaning that this combination can also be used for large conference rooms.

AVIT Control has interfaces to current bus systems such as KNX, LCN, DALI or LON. Existing control functions for lighting and blinds can be displayed on the AVIT touchpanel.

AVIT Control works with standard IT components such as touch controllers, tablet PCs, Smartphones, iPhone or iPad.

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