Electro-Voice introduces compact EVU system

Electro-Voice has introduced the EVU, an ultracompact member of its EV-Innovation installation family.

EVU systems support other members of the EV-Innovation family when used for delay, under-balcony, front-fill, wall-mount, and distributed audio applications.

Four EVU systems are available: 
  • EVU-1062/95 (single 6.5-inch woofer)
  • EVU-2062/95 (dual 6.5-inch woofer)
  • EVU-1082/95 (single 8-inch woofer)
  • EVU-2082/95 (dual 8-inch woofer)

The single-woofer EVU-1062/95 offers the most compact enclosure (just over eight inches high and 14 inches wide). System power-handling capacity and sensitivity are quite high for the size: 160 W continuous and 92 dB 1 W/1 m, respectively.

The EVU-2062/95 dual-woofer system is wider (21 inches), with increased power handling (300 W) and sensitivity (94 dB) for a 5 dB increase in maximum output.

For a modest increase in enclosure dimensions (about 10 inches high and 16 inches wide) the single-woofer EVU-1082/95 offers twice the maximum output than its 6.5-inch counterpart (+3 dB). The dual-woofer EVU-2082/95 doubles the maximum output again.

For both the dual-woofer systems, one woofer is “shaded” (high-frequency response rolled off before the crossover frequency) in order to usefully reduce the inevitable midrange interference of spaced woofers.

All four EVU systems employ an ICT-1-8 small-format high-frequency compression driver with a 1.3-inch titanium diaphragm, mounted on a six-inch-square, 90° x 50° rotatable waveguide. Eighteen-dB-octave passive crossover/EQ networks are tuned for under-balcony/front-fill applications, optimising mid- and high-frequency performance for alignment to the main system.

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