Elation Proteus Brutus LED wash now shipping

Elation has debuted its Proteus Brutus LED wash FX luminaire, a 70,000-lumen LED wash capable of high intensity washes and narrow beams.

The brightest fixture that Elation has produced to date, the Proteus Brutus offers smooth washes for use in a variety of applications, coupled with 5 degrees to 50 degrees zoom and 220mm front lens.

The Proteus Brutus uses a 1200W 6,500K White LED engine with a custom peak-field engine which adds a two-to-one centre to edge ratio for high centre intensity beam and wash throws.

A full spectrum CMY colour mixing system is included to create a variety of shades, with linear CTO colour correction and a fixed, six-position colour wheel for additional colour customisation.

Five rotting/indexing beam shaping and FX gobos are included, alongside a rotating multi-colour glass gobo. This is supported by a 360 degrees bi-directional animation wheel and a variable frost filter which can be employed for softer gobo or wash effects.

An optional, four-blade, full blackout framing module is also available with +/-45 degrees indexing to enable beam shaping and light control at any angle.

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