Ekta adds FrameLED for rental and fixed installs

LED display developer and manufacturer EKTA introduced a new LED module family for rental and fixed applications at ISE 2017.

Joining the FrameLED Plus product line, Ekta has launched two LED display modules. LVM 3P is an ultra-high-contrast outdoor LED module with 3.86mm pixel pitch. This model is targeted for rental usage, either outdoor or indoor, as well as high-resolution fixed outdoor installations.

The other model, iLVM 2P, is an indoor tile with 2.68mm pixel pitch, suitable for high-resolution projects seeking image quality and control, such as TV studios.

EKTA’s original 386x386mm module frame design is continued in FrameLED Plus, and each tile weighs 28 kg/m2.

Both LVM 3P and iLVM 2P modules offer EKTA SmartSurface technology, which includes pixel-by-pixel calibration technology, and allows the remote maintenance of diagnostics functions via the Cloud.

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