Eizo announces ColorEdge CS2740 display

Eizo has announced its ColorEdge CS2740 display, featuring 4K UHD resolution and a USB-C port, with a resolution of 164 ppi (3840x2160 pixels) and a contrast of 1000:1.

The CS2740 display features a processor developed by EIZO that computes colour commands in the monitor and can be hardware-calibrated in 90 seconds, covering conventional gamuts such as 99% Adobe RGB. 

Four downstream ports and a USB-C upstream port are included, allowing for hard disks, mice, keyboards, memory cards and other accessories to be connected directly to the monitor. 

The CS2740 can be connected to a laptop via a USB-C cable to integrate the portable computer into the workflow, supplying up to 60 watts of power. 

HDMI and DisplayPort inputs are also included, with the Eizo Colornavigator 7 calibration software able to be downloaded from the Eizo website. 

The CS2740 can be combined with the Eizo EX4 calibration sensor to allow for calibration in approximately 90 seconds. 

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