Eclipse Audio updates FIR Creator EX software with new version

Eclipse Audio has announced version 2 of its FIR Creator EX, designed for custom filters and DSP systems for loudspeaker and system optimisation.

Offering more functionality than standard FIR creator through new features shared with the FIR Designer software, the version 2 update has enhanced the level of customisation available within FIR Creator EX by removing all manual IIR and FIR filter lmits for DSP design. Previously, IIR filters, FIR magnitude and FIR phase filter prototypes were limited to eight per project in earlier versions of the software.  

Version 2 also introduces more branded IIR modes, ensuring matching of the IIR filter behaviour with the destination processor by adjusting for brand-specific differences in IIR filter interpretation. Supported brands include Biamp Tesira, Blaze Audio, BSS, Lake, Linea Research, Marani, Pascal Audio, Powersoft, QSC Q-SYS, RAM Audio, RMS Acoustics, and Symetrix.

DTP export options in FIR Creator EX have been expanded in version 2 to include Lab Gruppen’s IPX DSP amplifiers, joining Lake and Powersoft. Data is sent to the IPX Controller using a ‘loudspeaker processor interchange format’ (LPIF), a brand-agnostic JSON-based format for transferring loudspeaker EQ settings from filter design tools to DSP amps and processors.

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