Ecler updates ARQIS architectural loudspeaker range

Ecler has announced several enhancements to its ARQIS architectural loudspeaker series.

The ARQIS 110 model has been redesigned with a new woofer transducer to get a 30% power boost, moving from 170 WRMS to 220 WRMS.

The ARQIS 110 and ARQIS 112 models are now available in white (additional to the black colour option), as the rest of the ARQIS loudspeakers range.

Updated ARQIS installation options include a new U-bracket optional accessory kits for the ARQIS 108, 110 and 112 models, in black or white.

Also now available is a wall-mount subwoofer reinforcement unit in the ARQIS series, the ARQIS SB10.

Ecler ARQIS SB10 is a wooden wall-mount subwoofer reinforcement cabinet, featuring a 10-in driver (150 WRMS @ 8 ohm) and internal LPF with 2 frequency settings.

Wall-mount hardware is included, as well as 12 x M10 rigging points. Available in black or white finish.

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