Ecler expands Essentials eMotus range

Ecler has added the eMotus series of powered stereo kits and outdoor loudspeakers to its Essentials range.

The manufacturer has launched two powered stereo kits (eMotus5PB and eMotus5P) and an outdoor cabinet (eMotus5OD). The products are suited to use in education classrooms, corporate meeting rooms and retail stores.

The eMotus powered stereo kit with wireless BT connection has a 5-in woofer and 1-in tweeter, two analogue audio inputs (balanced- Euroblock and unbalanced-RCA), BT connection with priority (selectable), sound source selection, two-band tone control, stereo/mono switch, remote port (RJ-45) for volume control and auto stand-by. It included a remoted control and is available in black and white finish. 

The outdoor loudspeaker has 2-way cabinet with 5-in woofer and 1-in tweeter, is IP65 rated, has a back rubber cover for connections and is available in black or white.

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