EAW unveils compact, powerful line array

EAW has introduced the KF740 3-way full range line array loudspeaker. The company says the product’s symmetrical design, large horn and spaced woofers provide “exceptional” pattern control.

The KF740 is suited for applications of various sizes and delivers output resembling the much larger KF760, but has the footprint and weight of the KF730. EAW is targeting multiple applications including touring sound, corporate A/V, sports arenas, houses of worship, performing arts centres, hotel ballrooms and clubs.

Each module contains two HF compression drivers with 2.5-inch voice coils and two 8-inch MF transducers with 3-inch coils, all of which are integrated into a single horn that occupies the entire face of the enclosure. This allows for 90-degree pattern control, even at frequencies down to 160Hz. Two of the LF transducers are mounted within the horn, and two are side-mounted, providing as much as 18dB of off-axis rejection. EAW Focusing, provided by EAW’s UX8800 DSP, transitions from one system subsection to another. Also, all magnet structures within the KF740 utilise neodymium magnets.

A full KF740 array provides seamless coverage, from directly below the array, to hundreds of feet in front. The vertical output can be tailored to match the requirements of any space by varying the splay at the rear of the enclosures as directed by EAW Resolution software. The resultant configuration repeatedly produces a continuous, coherent wave front of extended-range, high-resolution audio over the entire defined coverage area.

Broadly applicable line sources can be constructed solely of KF740 modules. The KF740 can also be integrated above KF730 modules or beneath KF760 modules to extend the reach of the range. The low frequency output and extension of the KF740 can be even further enhanced by the use of the complementary SB1002 flying subwoofer.

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