EAW launches next generation line array

EAW has released its KF810P installation line array.

The KF810 is a three-way system designed for installed applications. It is available in black or white and features ‘invisible’ wiring and concealed three-point rigging. A weather-rated option is available for long-term permanent installation.

The KF810P has two ported, 10-in low-frequency drivers with three-in voice coils, four 5-in midrange drivers with 1.7-in voice coils and two high-frequency drivers with 1.4-in exits and 3-in voice coils.

The output of the sources unite through an integrated horn that occupies most of the forward face of the speaker enclosure, capable of delivering up to 145 Db spl with accurate pattern control down to 250 hZ.

EAW’s concentric summation array (CSA) technology integrates the components within the horn so that multiple subsystems run chorently without interruption to the high or mid frequency wavefronts.

This allows for monitor quality response from 50 Hz to 20kHz and nominal beamwidth of either 80 degrees or 100 degrees horizontal by 10 degrees vertical.

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