EAW brings QX to PLASA

EAW will exhibit its new QX Series loudspeakers at London’s PLASA show, September 12 – 15.

The speakers are designed for installed system applications and is particularly suited to medium-to-large-sized spaces including sports arenas. The series is also designed for venues such as houses of worship, outdoor stadiums, performing arts venues, theatres and clubs.

The passive, wired-for-biamplification QX Series draws on the engineering resources gained through the development of EAW’s AX Series. All full-range models have squared, symmetrical, dual-trapezoidal enclosures and a centrally located co-axial MF/HF horn. Two pairs (four) of phase-aligned neodymium 12-inch low frequency transducers are designed to ensure that the entire frontal area contributes to horizontal and vertical pattern control capability.

The five new models include the QX596 (dispersion pattern: 90 degrees x 60 degrees), QX594 (90 degrees x 45 degrees), QX566 (60 degrees x 60 degrees), QX564 (60 degrees x 45 degrees) and QX544 (45 degrees x 45 degrees). All units measure 27.96" x 27.96" x 23.95" and weigh 130 lbs. A variety of installation applications and accessories are available and optimised processor settings for the UX8800 Digital Signal Processor will be available for download at www.eaw.com.

The QX Series loudspeakers are available now.

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