Earthworks expands FlexMics with FMLR models

Earthworks has expanded its expanded its FlexMic series of podium microphones to include the FMLR models, which feature a single color LED light ring at the top of the microphone.

The LED light ring can be programmed via an external media control system to indicate on/off status. The FMLR microphones are available with either a green or red LED light ring.

The FMLR models feature a flexible gooseneck and are available in 13 and 19-in versions, while the FMRLR models have a rigid center with flex at both ends and are available in 19, 23 and 27-in lengths. All FlexMic models are available with either a cardioid or hypercardioid polar pattern and feature a 7mm diameter gooseneck. 

The FMLR Series FlexMics use Earthworks’ patented polar technology, which allows orators to move as much as 70-degrees off-axis on either side, as well as above or below the mic while maintaining the same sound quality. 

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