dZine announces web-based package

The latest software offering from dZine is the dZine CMS web interface. The software can either be internally hosted on the customer's site, or externally on the dZine server farm.

The software allows non creative users to use a web browser to click, drag and drop simple content changes without being a graphic design or I.T expert. It allows for full rights and restrictions, content approval audit trails.
With the dZine web CMS, smaller customers with a limited budget can also now have their content hosted on an external server and pay a low monthly fee to change content on their dZine hardware players. This model allows for a scalable, flexible yet easy to start with system which keeps setup costs down.
It also means the installation is simple, no software to install, no IT drama's. Or for large multi site installs, the software handles grouping of dZine hardware players and allows the user to add a mixture of local and global content (HQ sends a marketing message about the company to all screens, then the local receptionist has access to local news and ticker areas).