Dynamic cable compensation receiver

A new CAT-x extender enabling compensation of picture quality for CAT-x AV systems via remote control, has been launched by Smart-e.

Part of the company’s SmartLynx range, the SLX-RX214 is a CAT-x receiver unit featuring dynamic EQ and skew compensation automatically adjusting and restoring picture quality for systems with differing cable lengths.
Settings are pre-programmed at installation by selecting the cable length between each user, and picture quality is automatically adjusted for the specific cable lengths when the system is activated. 
The SLX-RX214 extends video, stereo audio and IR/RS232 signals over CAT-x cabling up to 300m, and features wide bandwidth IR transmission, discrete connectors, and high ground loop immunity. Supported video signal types include dual RGBHV, CVBS, YUV, YPrPb, Y/C and RGBs with stereo line level audio.

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