Dynacord introduces MXE5 matrix mix engine

Dynacord has launched its MXE5 matrix mix engine, the first product in its audio matrix MXE series.

The MXE5 is a 24x24 crosspoint performance audio matrix with routing and mixing functionalities, including 12 analogue mic/line inputs, eight line outputs and 24 Dante audio channels. 

The MXE5 can serve as a communications hub for all IP-based peripherals and provide supervision of system-wide commands. 

The MXE5 can also be installed in live-sound environments in a system drive rack. The matrix mix engine has a sampling rate of 96 kHz and an audio latency of less than 0.22 ms. 

A distortion rate (<0.002 dB THD) and a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 118 dB is also included. 

The MXE5 can work as both a system manager and an OCA controller with monitoring and supervision abilities, capable of serving as an FIR-Drive speaker controller. 

Third party integration is enabled via plug-ins, capable of upgrading existing systems for improved performance such as a plug-in for Q-SYS.

The MXE5 can incorporate the network infrastructure with Dante audio transport, AES70-compliant control without a requirement for retrofitted external cards. 

24 channels of input and output processing features are included, such as zone mixing, dynamic EQ, delay, compression, limiting, ducking and de-essing. Additional features will include free DSP configuration, auto mixing, a task engine, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC) and ambient noise control (ANC). 

Primary and secondary OMNEO ports are also available allowing integration into a variety of network designs including transparent, RSTP or glitch-free. Eight GPIO control ports include a built-in multicast filter to allow the MXE5 usable for control over Wi-Fi networks. 

The MXE5 can integrate with Dynacord’s SONICUE sound system software, with the matrix mix engine able to be assigned with personalisation features, rights management and GPIO configuration. 

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